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Maximize Your Layover in Vancouver: Private Tours from Cruise Terminal to Airport

Are you flying out of Vancouver after your Alaskan cruise with some time to kill? Why not book a private tour? We'll pick you up at the Vancouver Cruise Terminal and take you on a short or long sightseeing tour before dropping you off at YVR, Vancouver International Airport.

For instance, if you disembark at 8 AM and your flight to an international destination is at noon, you still have four hours before your flight. Assuming you want to get to the airport 90 minutes ahead (highly recommended for international flights), you still have 60 precious minutes to enjoy Vancouver's best landscapes! It's much better to be on a comfortable vehicle with a narrated tour than to sit at the airport.

If you have 5 hours between your disembarkation and your flight, we can take you not only to Stanley Park but also to the super famous Capilano Suspension Bridge! With our access to the VIP entrance, there will be no time lost waiting to buy tickets or enter the attraction.

The same holds for the opposite end: If your flight arrives early in Vancouver, there's no point in getting a taxi to the Cruise Terminal and waiting outside for your embarkation. Usually, the cruise lines expect you around noon as they need time to disembark passengers coming from Alaska, clean and stock the ship before welcoming new passengers. So, instead of standing on the street or sitting at a café waiting for your embarkation, let us pick you up at YVR and take you on a scenic loop tour where you can learn about Vancouver's history, culture, and main attractions.

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