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Pre-Cruise and Post-Cruise Private Tours of Vancouver [2022]

Going on a private tour is away better than taking a hop-on hop-off tour because we will create an itinerary that best matches your interests. We go on a rhythm that you feel comfortable: We can go "energetic", visiting several attractions in a few hours or we can go at a slow pace, giving you time to walk slowly, take pictures, enjoy local foods, etc.

After a two-year hiatus, Alaskan cruises are back to Vancouver! All cruise lines will be operating, and we are happy that the numbers are promising: It looks like we will have a cruise season that will be even better than the last one, in 2019, before the pandemic.

If you have a few days before or after your Alaskan cruise or even a few hours, the best way to experience the highlights of our city is to book a private tour!

About Vancouver:

Local tips for a trip to Alaska departing from Vancouver:

Tip #1: Try to stay in Vancouver for at least two days before your cruise departs. This will allow you the opportunity to get to know the city's main attractions, have dinner at nice restaurants, and get the anticipation growing before embarking on your cruise.

Tip #2: We hear a lot of questions regarding "where should I stay before the cruise?". Don't worry regarding the hotel's location, as all the hotels located in the downtown area have a good location in common. Your choice should be regarding fidelity to specific brands or a combination of rates & availability.

Several hotels are within walking distance to the Vancouver Cruise Terminal, and in case you prefer, we can drop you off or pick you up at the Cruise Terminal for a very reasonable rate. We are based in downtown Vancouver, just ten minutes away from the Cruise Terminal

Tip #3: Even if you don't have a few days to stay in Vancouver before or after your Alaskan cruise, maybe there's still enough time to have a look at some of the attractions on your way to or from the airport. Drop us a line with your flight information and we will tell you if it is worth getting "the way to the airport" private tour or not.

Tip #4: If you don't have time to take a private tour with us, there are attractions close to the Cruise Terminal that you can visit on your own, on foot. As an example, Water Street is a charming street to buy souvenirs, grab good food and visit trendy stores.

Before the pandemic it was possible to store your luggage for a few hours in two different places: At the Waterfront Station and the Cruise Terminal. We still don't have information on how this will be held this year but you can drop us a line and as soon as we receive information on this matter we will share it with you.

Tip #5. Book early! Hotels, cruises, and private tours are selling fast. If you want to celebrate the new era after two years locked at home, don't wait. It will be a busy season!

How much is a private tour?

CAD 110.00 per hour (not person) in a luxe Toyota minivan up to 6 passengers. This rate is for a minimum of 4 hours. The price goes to CAD 125.00 per hour in case you need a van for up to 14 people,

For shorter tours or tours that require waiting at the airport or the cruise terminal, please send your schedule, and we will quote an itinerary that will attend to your needs.

Please note that prices are in CAD (Canadian Dollars), so they are cheaper when converted to USD at approximately 22% less on average. You may use Google to get the up-to-date conversion rate or the app "currency" available at the Apple Store.

Private Tour of Vancouver BC

Private Tour of Vancouver BC

Private Tour of Vancouver BC


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