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  • Cecilia Teixeira

Vancouver by Bicycle

Stanley Park by bike

"Spring is in the air...” Is it?

It doesn’t look like winter will end in less than one week!

It’s time to dust off your helmets, check your tires and start planning bike rides.

Vancouver is an ideal city to cycle. There are dedicated cycle paths, increasing safety for all.

The Seawall is 28km (13.6 miles) long and has several attractions and services along the way. The “cherry on top of the cake” are the approximately 8 km that goes along Stanley Park, where most of the attractions are located.

Note that the cyclist track is "one-way" and can only be traversed counterclockwise.

Along the ride through Stanley Park, you'll have great photo opportunities, the most important attraction being the Totem Poles.

If you want to learn more about the significance of the Totem Poles and the reason why they are in Stanley Park and in various parts of our Province and Country, I can write about it here on the future. I also can tell you the history o if you me for a walking, car, or bicycle tour.

Totem Poles at Stanley Park

Attractions I recommend on the bike ride along Stanley Park

Length: 8.2km (5 miles) Difficulty level: Easy

  1. Watch the seaplanes leaving and arriving (the departure is more exciting)

  2. Boats, cargo and passenger ships (the latter from May to October) which travel along the Burrard Inlet

  3. View of the ”all glass” city's skyscrapers, and views of the Convention Center with its fully lawned "roof"

  4. If you have children, I recommend that you stop for a few minutes at the “Splash Park” where the kids will have a blast

  5. Be sure to photograph the bronze sculpture "Girl in a Wetsuit" and note how the tidal movement here is accentuated (the water is to be bordering the bottom of the sculpture, as if the girl was floating, but in times of low tide you go see the difference ...)

  6. Also do not miss the "Lost Lagoon"

  7. "Beaver Lake